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  • MODEL DS50

    Model DS50
  • MODEL DS65

    Model DS65H
  • MODEL DS100

    Model DS100

Our ledfans have a plug-and-play installation combined with a content management system.


The ledfans are accessible through local WiFi and can be controlled by PC, iOS and Android.

High Resolution

Our ledfans have high resolution displays to give a premium experience.

Automatic features

Our ledfans have a start/stop time, Livestream functionalities and Cloud Control options.

  • Holovice Animated

    Animated object

    We can convert every object, from a piece of clothing to a lifelike robot, into an animation

  • Holovice 3D Character

    3D character

    In order to raise the level of the holographic effect,
    we can make a 3D scan of a person's face

  • Holovice Logo


    With our hologram logo your logo can come to life in a dynamic way holographically

  • Holovice Green Key

    Green key character

    Amaze your customers.


Model DS50  

€  850

The revolving LED light creates a strong visual effect that is clearly visible even in light surroundings. Our model DS50 is a very affordable solution if you want to be an innovative brand. 

Model DS65

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Searching for a high quality hologram device that still is easy to operate and transport? Then our mid-range Model DS65H can be the ideal solution for you.  

Model DS100

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Are you looking for a true eyecatcher? Then our model 100 prototypemodel is the one for you. Our ledfan is a 100cm long and has 4 times the size of our 50 model. Perfect for displaying any visual. 

Holovice Prisma


With our prisms we transform every smartphone into a hologram

The coolest gadget

It is made to be widely used as personalized gadget.
Ideal for your customers to remember your brand.

Innovative and unique

The ideal way to deliver a communicate a message in an innovative and unique way.

Holovice Download

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