Holovice Balie

New holographic solutions

Who never dreamed of a future with holograms, flying cars and teleportation?

Holographic technology has never been this easy: A plug-and-play installation combined with a content management system accessible through local WIFI.

Holovice Exellys

Be different. Be innovative.

Virtual and Augmented Reality have fantastic applications, but what we notice, for example, in virtual reality glasses, mobile phones or tablets requires a lot of effort from users. With Holovice we want to offer a solution that can easily reach a large target audience.

Holovice Etalage

Ready for the European Market

As an European distributor we modify the product to comply with all necessary European regulations concerning conformity and safety.

We have all essential certificates for selling and usage in Europe.

Model DS50 Black


Holography usually requires heavy and expensive installations to work.

In comparison, our technology is affordable, which makes applications possible in a much wider market, from trade shows to retail and night life.

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