As an official DSEE.LAB agent, we provide you with the latest holographic technology. Our devices are easy to install, very affordable and they create a unique visual effect.

Holovice Etalage

The future

Who never dreamed of a future with holograms, flying cars and teleportation?

We plead guilty!
With Holovice we get a step closer to making this a reality.

Our solution is affordable, easy to install and creates a cutting-edge holographic effect.

Holovice SuperNova

Innovation through holograms

Holographic technology is often expensive or limited in use, but Holovice now comes with an alternative.
Holovice wants to make holograms the trend of 2018.

The installation is plug & play and the content can be controlled via an application on the smartphone.
The underlying technology was tested decades ago, but then there was still a lack of sufficient computing power to deliver a quality product.

That's why these technologies are only gradually becoming reality today.

Photo of our case with Jasna Rok for Flanders DC.
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